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Steven Medlin  - General Manager.

An ex-Royal Marine and holiday camp DJ who loves all types of music, born in Cornwall, UK.

Has a great love for pasties and likes a good rant. The main thing in life is the wife, kids, and Plymouth Argyle.

PS: Loves to wind everyone up.

Mike Snook

Support Worker specializing in Learning Disabilities and Autism.

Former Wedding/Corporate DJ and Karaoke Compere and Publican.

Born in Denmark, lived in Singapore, the UK, and Germany as a forces kid.

Settled briefly in Gillingham and still supports Gillingham FC.

Moved to Saltash in 2006 and has finally put his roots down.

Passionate about music, especially Rock and Heavy Metal, but enjoys all older music that triggers great memories.

Currently promoting new bands that play rock influenced by the bands of the 70s and 80s.

Loves going to live gigs.

Andy Valentine

Purveyor of quality jokes.

Lives on the moors in Devon and has a passion for sheep.

I don’t care if you put the jam on top of the cream or the cream under the jam.

Presents “Pirate Dayz” looking back to the days of pirate radio.

(Yes it is spelled with a Z).


We.Are.Alien - Music Composer, Exhibiting Artist, 3 x Guinness World Record Holder, Radio Presenter, Session Drummer, Mental Health Advocate, Survivor Of Suicide, Performer, Poet, Proud to be part of the LGBTQ+ family, Proud Autistic Woman, an avid Volunteer, who enjoys extreme sports and Bucket List Adventures to name a few! Always up for something thrilling, get in touch @wearealienband.

Michael Tracey

Hi, my name is Mike Tracey born and bred in Plymouth. I am an ex-Royal Navy veteran having served 8 years. One year serving in Submarines onboard HMSM Repulse a ballistic nuclear Sub. Then the rest of my service on ships HMS Hermes for the Falklands Conflict then HMS Ambuscade, and finally from building HMS Cornwall which was commissioned by Princess Diana. On leaving the Royal Navy in 1990 I have had a variety of jobs including Hotel Porter, Barman, Restaurant manager, sales assistant, bus driver, and delivery driver, making me a sort of jack of all trades but a master of none. At present, I work full-time as a Campus Support Assistant with the University of Plymouth. I have 2 dogs and keep freshwater tropical fish. My favourite sport is swimming, my favourite band of all time is The Electric Light Orchestra and I love 80s music. I love being a presenter with Ferndale Community Radio and getting to play all my favourite music and mix with all the other presenters which makes for a real family atmosphere.

Andrew Hill

Andrew Hill: Has been involved in presenting radio programs for almost 40 years and previously managed a successful long-term RSL station for 12 years. Andrew was born in Plymouth and was the Stannator of Plympton in 2017/18 ( a role similar to a town mayor). He has an eclectic taste in music, including songs originating from the South West. Outside of radio Andrew has a keen interest in vintage buses and personalized vehicle registration numbers.

Charlotte Willis

I am passionate about all types of music but love Oasis and I am into my football and I like various literature. I also like Star Trek.

David Lees

I was Born To Be Wild in 1964. `Music was my first love and it will be my last. My Papa Was A Rollin` Stone and Mother (Of Mine) is a Black Country Woman. Growing Up, I was Football (and Girl!) Crazy. I`m a season ticket holder for Plymouth Argyle matches and I`ve also been a spectator at seven World Cup tournaments, including Japan. I`ve had many different jobs including barman, storeman, administrator, grape picker in France, Shop Assistant(s), Toiler On The Sea, a roadie for rock band Diamond Head and even worked at Sea World in San Diego. I Travel, I can recommend you `take a lift to the top of the Empire State, and take a drive across the Golden Gate. I love live music, I`ve been to many festivals and attended hundreds of live gigs. `Riding down the highway, going to a show - That’s Entertainment. After `standing in the dock at Southampton` and getting Nowhere Fast, I had to Go West to marry one of the Sweet Ladies Of Plymouth. Radio, Radio is back in Fashion and hopefully, Back For Good. As for my shows, I’m Easy on a Sunday morning, I play Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll on a Monday, Monday. Let Me Entertain You!

Hilary Dunlop

A born and bred Janner ( Plymothian ) girl and ex-dockyard worker.

I have been a rock chick for as long as I can remember. I have very eclectic musical tastes, Andy Williams sits alongside Cory Taylor on my playlists, and I love interviewing people in the local area and finding out about what they do, so please get in touch if you'd like to be featured.

Johnny Hawton

Johnny H has been a hairdresser for 30 years and also a complex support worker. Grew up in Plymouth. Spent stints in Liverpool and Cardiff but is a home bird who loves Plymouth. Loves a request show with plenty of laughs and banter. Eclectic is the word of the day.

Craig Sullivan

Born and bred in Plymouth and is FCR’s very own Soul man.

Massive music fan especially Indie and Northern Soul but is very open to all genres.

Craig is also a Manchester United fan and likes a lot of other sports Craig also enjoys Martial Arts and trains regularly in Aikido.

Sandra Radovanovic

Sandra has her own time zone appearing to everyone else as being late but actually all it really is that she has tapped into the Devon Ambrosia time warp! No matter much life Sandra has lived in her many re-incarnations from girl, student, woman, executive, mother, seeker of life true answers, and radio presenter; Sandra’s mind and thoughts are a random mystery to most but quite plain and clear to her!

Although not from this planet Sandra has a keen interest in time travel, she was born in 645BC on the planet ZOOP ALPA 20, and she has webbed hands and feet, is 8 feet tall, and weighs in at 3 stone but looks great in a dress.

George Bond

George is the young trending kid with up-to-date songs and facts. He loves to talk even when it starts to bore other people but will try his hardest to make you laugh.

Nicholas Mark Ross

Hi, I’m Nicholas Ross, I have lived in Plymouth all my life. I currently work in retail and have worked in varieties of retail all my working life. I live with my partner and our cat. I have eclectic taste in music and was born in the 80s, so the 80s and 90s are my specialties. I am quite discerning with my music tastes, I either like it or I don’t, and there’s no room for maybe. I really enjoy being able to share my music tastes and what’s on in Plymouth at Ferndale Community Radio.

Phoenix Walker


I have lived in Plymouth all my life and find it really has much to offer. Interesting information about me I wrote and publish poetry. I wrote a complete book in lockdown yet to publish.

I love going on holiday and getting lost and exploring different cultural lifestyles.

I was a presenter at a previous Radio in Plymouth and it was and is a learning curve. I love Ferndale Community Radio and I have a great passion for Radio. 


I took up meditation in lockdown and community radio and that kept my wellness healthy while the pandemic was affecting our world and lives all over the world.


I love having a show close to the weekend as we all need to dance and be free again. My goal is to make a podcast on wellness or meditation and continue learning my craft at radio presentations. 


Anita Monk - Australia

Wrokdown was the brainchild of producer Anita Monk, who with the help of much-loved Australian singer Wendy Stapleton, brought all the well-known Australian artists, DJs, producers, and managers to our TV screen.  This not only provided a wealth of information about their beginnings and how they got to be stars, but also a platform for promoting any new gigs or songs.  And from that, Wrokdown radio began, playing the best new songs from Australia and beyond.

Anita believes that Australian songwriters are world-class, but they get very little support from the media.  Having her own show now on FCR means that these wonderful songs now get a bigger, much-deserved audience.

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